Partnerships & Certifications

  • Freescale Alliance Member

    Nacuri is a Freescale Alliance Member, which allow us to add more value to our clients by respond faster when using the Freescale Technology in a project.

  • BlackBerry Alliance Member

    Nacuri is a “BlackBerry Alliance Member” allowing us to offer the latest technology updates to our clients, and a faster time-to-market when developing an app.

  • Telcel Certified Developer

    Nacuri is a Telcel Certified Developer, which allow us to offer many benefits when developing a mobile solution.

  • Watt Knowledge Consultancy Ltd.

    To increase board design capabilities in our hardware design services,  we have a partnership with Watt Knowledge Consultancy Ltd.

  • ITESO Collaboration Agreement

    ITESO (Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education) Collaboration Agreement, one the top universities of the region.


    Enrolled in the National Register of Scientific and Technological Research Institutions (RENIECYT) by the Mexican Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT).