Touch Sensing Steering Wheel

  • Description: Touch sensing solution to select and control the operation of the modules of a car, the solution consists of two pads one to make a quick selection of the module of the car that is going to be controlled and the other to control such module, the operation of the second pad is related to each module; slide, touch, hold and double click will be enabled or disabled depending on the selected module. The communication with the modules is achieved through a CAN network and the communication to the PMIC and LEDs on the platform is achieved by SPI.

    Technologies: 16 bit, Freescale TSS, CAN, SPI.

    Tools: Code warrior, CANalizer, Cadence Allegro.

    Project type: Proof of concept.

    Market Segment: Automotive.

    Nacuri specific development: 16 bits application, TSS library migration from 8 to 16 bits platforms, CAN driver modification.